Embark on an Exciting Journey Through the old St. Petersburg

Discover the Secrets of St. Petersburg: Experience Our New Historic Trolley Tour!

In collaboration with the St Petersburg Museum of History, we’re proud to present an exciting new venture that promises to unveil the hidden gems and untold stories of our beautiful city.
We recognized the opportunity to delve deeper into St. Pete’s incredible past, and who better to partner with than the St Petersburg Museum of History, a treasure trove of knowledge and insight.
AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE GROUP EVENTS (private/corporate clients welcome, choose your own date/time). Contact us for details.

Tour Highlights

  • 2 hour professionally guided trolley tour.
  • Creative insights into the past of St. Petersburg and Florida.
  • Complimentary entry into the Museum of History.
  • Environmental commitment by planting a tree for every trip.


  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Price: $45 per person, $35 (for MOH members)
  • Tour starts and ends: At the Museum of History, conveniently located at the Pier approach (335 2nd Ave NE, St. Pete)
  • Parking: Paid parking available at the museum of History and Pier parking lot.
  • Included: Guided tour, open air trolley, ice water, unlimited fun, ticket to the museum of History
  • Age Suitability: All ages; minimal walking.

Travel Through Time: Experience the Magic of St. Petersburg's Heritage

This partnership signifies an extraordinary fusion of expertise and passion, combining the historical expertise of the Museum of History with the immersive experiences aboard Star Trolley. Together, we are committed to providing an unforgettable journey through time, where every street corner and landmark reveals a new chapter in St. Petersburg’s captivating narrative.
Join us as we embark on this thrilling collaboration, where the past comes alive, and every moment is a discovery. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a longtime resident, prepare to be amazed by the wealth of history and culture that our city has to offer.

Just a few of our favourites

Driftwood Neighborhood
Tucked away on the serene shores of Big Bayou, this quaint wooded community whispers tales of bygone eras and holds the title of St. Petersburg’s oldest neighborhood. Uncover the secrets woven into its roots and delve into the rich history that has shaped this hidden gem. Driftwood beckons the curious soul to unravel its captivating narrative and embrace the charm of Florida’s past.
Roser Park
Did you know that the charming Roser Park neighborhood, known for its historic character and diverse architecture, was founded by a man believed to have created the FIG NEWTON cookie? Charles Martin Roser, the visionary behind Roser Park, not only shaped this picturesque community but also left a tantalizing mystery surrounding his contribution to one of America’s favorite snacks. Join our tour to uncover the secrets of Roser Park, where history and beauty blend seamlessly amidst.
Fountain of Youth
Discover the secrets of eternal youth hidden within the enchanting waters of the Fountain of Youth.
The “special” water, believed to possess unparalleled rejuvenating properties, captivated both locals and tourists alike, transforming a simple pier into a pilgrimage site. Join us on a voyage and discover what was the secret behind all the buzz – we guarantee you won’t regret.
Our Piers
Before the establishment of the centralized pier in St. Petersburg, Florida, a series of smaller piers extended into Tampa Bay. Three of them at once!
The city’s first pier was built in 1889. After John C. Williams persuaded Russian nobleman Peter Demens to bring the Orange Belt Railway to the area, effectively creating St. Petersburg.
Yes, it may be hard to believe. But there was a time when coffee pot Bayou was decorated with gondolas that were brought over from Europe to impress the potential buyers of homes that were lining up along the coffee pot Bayou and what is today known as Old Northeast.
The Vinoy, The One and Only
The Vinoy Park Hotel was built in 1925 by oil tycoon Aymer Vinoy Laughner. Construction began on February 5 and took 10 months to complete, with a grand opening on December 31. It was a seasonal hotel, open from around December to March.
Get ready to be amazed when you hear the incredible stories we’ve got in store for you.

Let us curate your very own and private historic tour

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Header Image: Mural by Shark Toof, SHINE 2015

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