Explore SHINE FESTIVAL Murals: A Star Trolley® Experience

Explore SHINE FESTIVAL Murals: A Star Trolley® Experience

We are aiming for perfection

SHINE Mural Festival and Star Trolley® come together to offer an unrivaled experience. SHINE’s deep knowledge of the city’s vibrant murals pairs perfectly with Star Trolley’s top-tier tours, blending art and comfort for an unforgettable journey through the city’s rich artistic landscape.
AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE GROUP RENTALS (private/corporate clients welcome, pick your own date/time). Contact us for details.

Tour Highlights

  • 2.5-hour professionally guided trolley tour.
  • Creative insights into the local street art scene.
  • Complimentary ice cold drinks on board the trolley.
  • Receiving a meaningful understanding of the impact of public art in St. Petersburg.
  • Support for SPAA by way of giving back a portion of proceeds.
  • Environmental commitment by planting a tree for every trip.


  • Duration: 2.5 hours.
  • Price: $45
  • Group Size: 30-passenger open-air trolley.
  • Included: Guided tour, transportation, water and sodas, unlimited fun.
  • Age Suitability: All ages; minimal walking, (beer 21+ only).

Artistic Depths Uncovered

  “Every Mural Tells a Story: Explore the Hidden Tales of St. Petersburg’s Streets” -Jenee Priebe, SHINE FESTIVAL director
  “See St. Petersburg with New Eyes: Unveiling the Secrets of Our City’s Murals” -Richard Novikas, CEO Star Trolley®

Stars shine on st pete murals

The SHINE Mural Tour, in collaboration with Star Trolley®, offers a unique and engaging 2.5-hour journey through the vibrant streets of St. Petersburg, Florida. This tour highlights the city’s transformation into an exceptional outdoor gallery, thanks to the SHINE® Mural Festival. Since its inception in 2015 by the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, the festival has played a pivotal role in revitalizing neighborhoods and fostering community unity through the medium of street art.
On this tour, passengers will board a white, vintage style, open-air Star Trolley® to explore numerous murals crafted by renowned local, national, and international artists. The journey provides an insightful look into the city’s art scene, narrated by expert guides who share the stories and inspirations behind these dynamic artworks. The collaboration between Star Trolley® and the SHINE Mural Festival not only celebrates art but also supports the creation of future murals, as a portion of the tour proceeds funds the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance.

500+ Murals

St. Petersburg is famous for its murals, with more than 600 adorning various outdoor surfaces, a movement that gained momentum when the city embraced street art almost a decade ago.

Shine 2023

During the 2023 SHINE festival, 14 new murals were added, along with several community mural projects, enhancing the artistic landscape of St. Petersburg’s downtown and surrounding neighborhoods​.

First in the world

The SHINE® Mural Festival is the first in the world to have an accessible audio tour and the technology to instantly connect mural viewers to online content via PixelStix.

Since 2015

The SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival has been delivering new life to public spaces through art. It revitalizes areas, fosters dialogue, and unites the community, setting high standards of artistic excellence reflective of the city’s creative spirit​.

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SHINE Mural Trolley Tour showcases St. Pete’s street art


You can see St. Petersburg’s murals on this new trolley tour


SHINE Mural Festival Teams Up with Star Trolley for Unique Mural Tour of St. Petersburg

Let us curate your very own and private mural tour

Great for corporate outings and team building. Contact us for details and availability.

Just a few of our favourites

Based out of: St. Petersburg/Miami Michael Vasquez was born in St Petersburg, Florida in 1983. He attended New World School of the Arts in Miami, FL, where he graduated with a BFA in 2005.
Title: The Mangrove Refuge (The Vorasane Family and Friends; Gandy Beach circa 1980).
Based out of: St. Petersburg
With more than a decade of experience as a professional illustrator and fine artist, Chris Parks, better known as Palehorse, creates highly detailed work that draws influence from his roots and an ongoing fascination for Southeast Asian and Latin culture, mythology and spiritual practices. His clients include Under Armour, Modelo, Sonos, Hasbro and WWE, and his gallery work has been exhibited in Miami during Art Basel, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Jakarta and more.
Based out of: Miami, FL
Reginald O’Neal began painting in 2012, soon meeting his friend and mentor, Alejandro Dorda, who would teach him classically. In 2014, Reginald took his first trip to Europe to complete murals in Austria, Norway, and Spain, as well as exhibit in a collective show alongside his teacher in Berlin, Germany.
Based out of: Germany
German artist Andres Von Chrzanowski, better known as Case Maclaim, is a street artist whose work brilliantly combines photorealism with a strong note of surrealism. Best known for his depiction of overlaying hands, Case’s work symbolizes power and unity. He is a founding member of the renowned Maclaim Crew, a group that has been pioneering photorealism in the streets for over two decades. His murals can be found in over 20 countries around the world.
Based out of: Colorado, now St. Pete
St. Petersburg-based artist, Alyssa Marie has been playing in the realms  of impressionistic style fine art and large scale murals for commercial  and residential clients around the globe since 2017. Having spent her  first 27 years of life in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and now  residing in a tropical paradise surrounded by water, Alyssa derives  inspiration from the natural world for much of her work and pushes the  realms of realism.
Based out of: London, England
London based artist SHOK-1, has been exploiting the technical possibilities of a spray can since the 1980’s. He’s best known for pioneering the x-ray technique, influenced by his formal background in science and his relentless dedication to technical precision as an artist. His mastery of aerosol art began early on as a graffiti writer and though he’s reinvented his style many times over, SHOK-1’s work is widely regarded as foundational in the contemporary street art

Header Image: Mural by Shark Toof, SHINE 2015

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